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8 steps to a Safer Journey

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Eight Steps to a Safer Journey

It is vitally important that safety rules are observed when using buses. Please help us to reduce accidents by taking these simple steps.
  • Queue sensibly, keep well away from the kerb and give a clear signal so that the bus driver knows to stop
  • Pay your fare and try to have the correct change. Keep your ticket for the whole duration of your journey, you may need to present it for inspection
  • If you use a bus pass when travelling it must always be presented to the bus driver - allow time for it to be examined
  • Take your seat, placing any bags in the luggage compartment, under your seat or on your knees. Never place bags on seats
  • Enjoy your journey - buses are a great place to socialise with friends. Respect others at all times and never distract your driver
  • When leaving the bus take the time to thank your bus driver, they perform a vitally important role within the community
  • Let the bus depart before crossing the road and Stop, Look and Listen
  • DO NOT text or use your mobile phone when crossing roads. Remove any ear accessories for iPods or other mobile devices - CONCENTRATE
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